Friday, February 6, 2009

Chaff n' Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvy

Chaff n' Skaffs
[photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/SKAFFS]

It isn't necessary to be a child in order to enjoy a kid's book. I still give 'em a gander and I'm 23. What possesses me to flip through the pages of a book intended for younglings is the artwork.

There's a good bevy of artists (and art duos), like David Horvath and Meomi, who have put their writing skills to the test to create characters and worlds that readers can temporarily get lost in.

By way of Australia, but based in the Frisco bay, Luke Feldman, whose whimsical (and sometimes provocative) work has appeared on vinyl adhesives, skateboards, sneakers, toys, and art prints, illustrated and co-wrote "Chaff n' Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvyalong with Amanda Chin.

In "Chaff n' Skaffs," a little mosquito finds it's way into Mai's bedroom. Though she's never ventured anywhere way beyond her own front door, she's encouraged by her friend Chaff to help Moskivvy the mosquito find his way back  home. From there the unlikely trio goes on the ultimate journey, traveling by land, sea and air.

"Chaff n' Skaffs" shall be released on March 1, but you can pre-order a copy here.

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