Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You're Toast, Nite Owl

Pamela was right. Y'all are gonna be seeing lots of Watchmen posts here!

While roaming around Flickr, I saw that Dan Goodsell, artist/creator of Mr Toast, posted some paintings he did of Mr Toast and his pals as characters from Watchmen on his account.

Take a looksie:

Lemonhead as the Comedian

Shaky Bacon as Silk Spectre

Clem Lemon as Doctor Manhattan

Mr Toast as Nite Owl

[all photos courtesy of Dan Goodsell]
Joe the Egg as Rorschach

If you like what you see and happen to be going to WonderCon next week in San Francisco, stop by Dan's booth and say hi! He'll be somewhere in the exhibit hall . . . I can't seem to find him on the lists of exhibitors though. I know, I'm supposed to be here to inform you! Well, just go find a booth with a dude and plush toys shaped like breakfast food. Mmm . . . breakfast.

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