Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warning Viewers about Watchmen

As the first Goober to see "Watchmen," I feel it is my duty to make a statement:


Most of the hardcore fans have already watched the movie and understood that the blood and gore would fill this movie, but I believe for the casual viewer the previews may have made it seem like another action flick (like Spiderman or The Dark Knight).

In my theater were 3 familys with young children, and all left during the movie with their kids in tow. Why? Its GRAPHIC (DUH! It's based off a "Graphic" Novel)

So for those of you who are thinking of taking your younger siblings or children, DONT!

There are fully nude men and women in the movie, as well as VERY bloody graphic scenes of violence.

So get a sitter and make it a night out for you and your spouse. Because the movie is awesome!

(Sorry to the other Goobers, go see it 'Dangit!)

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