Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Open Door EP

When it comes to buying music, I like to kick it old school and go to stores to buy CDs. What's the fun in downloading? There's no excitement in that, but [sadly] sometimes the digital age has to win. That's what happened with Death Cab For Cutie's The Open Door - EP. Their new 5 song EP was released a few weeks ago via iTunes (it also includes the music video for "Grapevine Fires," which you can view below). I listened to the 30 second snippets of  "I Was Once a Loyal Lover" and "My Mirror Speaks" and said, "Must . . . buy . . . this . . . now." 

The Open Door - EP is now available in stores, so if you're like me and still buy CDs, you can mosey on over to your local music store and snatch this. 

This new EP introduces listeners to a more upbeat Death Cab sound -- in terms of instrumentation. Ben Gibbard, lead singer and songwriter of the band, still writes poignant heartbreaking lyrics that make you want to cuddle him up to your bosom and say, "There, there. Everything's gonna be alright." In "My Mirror Speaks," Gibbard softly coons, "And when my mirror speaks it never minces words/ 'Cause these eyes don't shine half as bright/ As they used to do and they haven't for awhile." See what I mean?!

A customer on iTunes said, "Ben Gibbard is an alchemist - a lyrical Rumpelstiltskin - taking ordinary words and weaving them into gold." I completely agree. That man is a genius and I wish I wrote that damn customer review.

Here's my favorite tune off the EP:

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