Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shia La NO!

A movie adaptation for Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra's graphic novel series Y: The Last Man has been in the works for nearly two years. No signs of it's fruition yet, but since then it was announced that director D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) and screen writer Pia Guerra would be bringing the series to the big screen.

Shia LaBeouf has long been rumored to play the title role of Yorick Brown, who is literally the last man standing  as a plague hits the world and destroys all living organisms with a y-chromosome. Yep, that includes ALL male animals like boy puppies and boy penguins. 

Okay, back to what I'm trying to get at. LaBeouf recently said in an interview with Wizard magazine that the role is too similar to Sam, the character he plays in the Transformers films.

"You take Sam and you put a monkey on his shoulder," said LaBeouf of Yorick's primate sidekick Ampersand. "I don't know if it's that big a differential. It seems like he's the ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation again."

He added, "I'm not willing to make that movie currently, and may be too old to play the role by the time it does come around."

IMHO, Yorick Brown is a helluva lot more interesting than Sam with his wit. And he could kick Sam's ass any day (so long as Bumble Bee and the rest of the Autobots aren't in tow). 

Plus, I just don't like Shia LaBeouf. There. I SAID IT. He will always be the ever annoying Louis Stevens from the original Disney Channel show Even Stevens to me.

If you haven't read the series, I highly suggest you get yourself to a bookstore, go to the graphic novel section and read. Yes, read. Its good for you. =)

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