Monday, July 12, 2010

Doctor Who-welry

I am horribly smitten with the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. My love for it may have gotten to the point where it's unhealthy -- I dream about time travel, I constantly make references to Doctor Who, I've developed a fear of statues, and whenever something’s not working (an electronic appliance, elevator, a broken down car) I think, "If only the Doctor was real, he could totally fix this" or "Damn, I could really use a Sonic Screwdriver right now."

Yeah, I know. I'm off my rocker.

But my obsession has led me to find some rad stuff on Etsy. Notably an array of necklaces made out of palmer clay and resin by The Clay Pony.

She's made pendents of the TARDIS© (the Doctor's ship, for those not in the know), Daleks (the Doctor's long-time foe), and K-9 (a robotic pup). At $17 US, you can nab a simple pendent on a chain. For $27 US, there are beautifully crafted cameo-esque pendents on a leather chord that features The TARDIS©, Daleks, and K-9 (pictured below).

[photos courtesy of The Clay Pony]

Currently, there are only cameos of K-9, the TARDIS©, and the Time Lord symbol available, and a K-9 necklace on a chain. The Clay Pony often restocks, but you have to be quick to get what you want! I bought a Dalek necklace a few months ago and wear it almost everyday.

To get a better idea of how the necklaces look on someone, here's a picture of me wearing my Dalek necklace.

If you haven't seen Doctor Who, I urge you all to check it out. If you like monsters, aliens, and cheeky British humor, this show is for you! The fifth season is just about to wrap up here in the US, but if you happen to have Netflix, seasons 1-4 are available for instant streaming along with classic episodes from the 70s.

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