Friday, April 1, 2011

Run Wondie Run

Well, it looks like Adrianne Palicki's costume was revamped a bit for the filming of the pilot episode of David E Kelly's Wonder Woman revamp. Go Fug Yourself posted a slew of on-set photos of Palicki.

While I am still very skeptical of the show, I am beyond GLAD that whoever the hell designed the first costume did some major changes. Not that it's spectacular or anything, but due to major backlash of the original costume, it was re-designed to look more a bit more... practical.

No more electric blue pleather pants and matching boots. Her pants are now a nice non-pleather, star spangled navy and her boots are now red. And no more street walker red lipstick.

I'm still wondering why the eagle's head on her bustier is three dimensional. It just looks so weird.


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