Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Moon, new toys

[photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment]

Twilighters had something to look forward to a few days ago. On Feb. 19 MTV Movie Blog revealed the logo for the much anticipated sequel to "Twilight." Yep, just the logo. And note how it's not just called "New Moon," but "The Twilight Saga New Moon." That's a bit of a mouthful. O,o 

As always, with movies there's merchandise. And that usually means TOYS. With the release of "Twilight," Neca came out with an Edward Cullen action figure (that looks nothing like Robert Pattinson). Now folks can recreate the meadow scene with this Edward & Bella set. Sorry ladies, he doesn't sparkle in the sun. There'll also be an Alice Cullen figure (not pictured).

Edward & Bella
[photo courtesy of Neca]

Tonner will start shipping out their renditions of the modern star crossed lovers by spring. These 15" dolls are sold separately for $139.99.

Tonner Dolls
[photo courtesy of Tonner]

One last thing, the DVD comes out in exactly one month, March 21st. Pre-order your copy today. Or wait. Whichever one pleases you.

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