Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood

Tales of the Black Freighter
[photo courtesy of WB/DC Comics]

The "Watchmen" movie doesn't come out until March 6, but fans have further reason to rejoice. To complete the experience, a straight to DVD/Blu Ray animated movie of "Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood" will be released on March 24. Gerard Butler ("300," "Closer") lends his voice as the Mariner.

Both "Tales of the Black Freighter" and "Under the Hood" were featured in the original "Watchmen" graphic novel to aid in telling the story -- one being a comic about a stranded mariner whose experiences mirrored those within the Watchmen's world, and the other a tell-all autobiography by Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl.

Neither of these were stories will be seen in the movie version of "Watchmen," so this should satisfy long-time fans and newcomers.

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