Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ya' Dig?

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I've been the happy owner of a Zune 30GB for quite some time (aside from the whole Y2K fiasco), only recently did I take advantage of their Podcast Download section (usable for Zune owners only, sorry!) I've been discovering some awesome podcasts.

My recent Favorite? Diggnation. Which is a show all about their website, Have you ever been on the web, bored as hell and thought, “I wish there was a website where I can check out what everyone else is checking out on the net,” well your dream has come true, that's what is all about. Digg is a user based site that lets anyone post up articles, pictures or video's that they “Dig,” and then everyone votes weather they Dig it too. The Diggnation podcast counts down all of the top “Diggs.” for the week. Kevin Rose (A San Francisco resident) and Alex Albrecht host this witty countdown of diggable pieces of information.

The current top Dig? There's a new title sequence for the Simpson's. Doh! Dug by over 5,700 people, here's the clip that everyone's voting for:

I think it's worth checking out, you'll definitely have something to talk about around the office watering hole.

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