Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All aboard the geeky dreamboat

[photo taken from Fred Flare]

I think my love for geeky dudes began when Gideon Yago started delivering the news 10 to the hour, every hour on MTV. Nerds didn't really get much love back then, but suddenly they've [kind of] taken over the bedroom walls and binders of teenage girls (and college women) everywhere.

Lacey Soslow and Lacey O'Brien have put together a delightfully adorkable book called Geeky Dreamboats: A Celebration that feature all the latest, uh, geeky dreamboats in showbiz -- from the boys of Flight of the Conchords, Pharrell Williams (he's a Trekkie), Paul Rudd, Rivers Cuomo, John Krasinski (my absolute favorite), and even President Barack Obama.

Styled like a teeny bopper magazine, it features "geekboat nuggets" -- little factoids about each geek, like their birthday, first crush, and a declaration of why so many love them.

Snag this at book stores or on Amazon and Fred Flare.

My only gripe: Where the hell is Zachary Levi and Gideon Yago?!

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