Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brandon Bale...?

More good news for Incubus fans! Yesterday, Incubus released exclusive footage from their "video shoot" for their upcoming single, "Black Heart Inertia." In April Fool's fashion, Brandon Boyd channels his inner Christian Bale and goes to town on some photographer during the shoot and the video is a goner. But fans, do not be disappointed. The boys from Incubus also stream the full-length version of the single after the film footage.

Definitely far off from their early Fungus Amongus sound, but as their sound evolves, I find myself still a fan. Based on the comments left on youtube and myspace, it seems "Black Heart Inertia" is receiving mixed reviews from the Incubus fanbase. Why don't you watch the vid and take a listen for yourself?

And don't forget to pre-order your copy of Monuments and Melodies, because when you pre-order, you get a special code for pre-sale tickets to their upcoming tour. Just make sure you pre-order at least 24hrs before the pre-sale starts for the show you're trying to see. Go here for more information regarding pre-sale dates. Don't slack, because tickets have already gone on sale!

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