Friday, March 20, 2009

Clone High

Way, way back in the early 2000s, MTV still didn't play a whole lot of music vids, but had decent programs airing like Clone High. Anyone else remember that show? Frick, it was awesome

Clone High, which was created by Bill Lawrence (creator of Scrubs), Phil Lord, and Chris Miller (both co-executive producers of How I Met Your Mother), was about a high school populated by clones of historical figures who were created in the hopes of having their strengths and abilities aid the US Military. However, Cinnamon J. Schudworth, the principal, had other plans -- he wanted to make an amusement park.

The show centralized around Abraham Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte), Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), and Mahatma Ghandi (Michael McDonald) who are the outcasts at Clone High. Joan was angsty and kinda gothic, but was [not so] secretly in love with Abe. Abe was oblivious to Joan's affection and fought for the love of Cleopatra (voiced by Christa Miller) against JFK (Chris Miller). Ghandi was a par-tay animal with ADD who said, "Say whaaaat?" a lot.

For every show, there were a few special guest stars such as John Stamos, Luke Perry, Tom Green, Andy Dick, Michael J. Fox, and Marilyn Manson. But notably, a ton of actors from Scrubs lent their voices like Donald Faison (he was Toots, Joan's blind foster grandpa), Sarah Chalke (Marie Antoinette), Neil Flynn (Julius Ceasar), Zach Braff (Ponce), etc.

After just one season, Clone High completely vanished! Lucky for you Canadians, it still airs on Teletoon. It was even released on DVD over there. Not fair!

So what are the rest of us supposed to do? Watch it on YouTube. That's what.

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