Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where are the Wild Things???

Where the Wild Things Are
[photo courtesy of WB]

A new poster for the much anticipated film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are has been leaked. 

Where the Wild Things Are is about a bratty little boy named Max who gets sent up to bed without supper. He creates this imaginary world where with monstrous beasts name him their king. Along the way though, he realizes what his place is in the real world. Deep content for a kid's book, and a damn good one at that. 

Originally, this movie was supposed to be released on Oct. 8 last year, but the rumor mill spread word that Warner Brothers found it to be too "dark and scary" for children. Director Spike Jonze had wanted to keep the feel of the children's book intact, which is dark and scary. Tests audiences also felt that the creatures (they used animatronic puppets and also put actors in costumes) lacked emotion, so Jonze went off and re-tweaked them by using CGI to put more expression in their faces.

Whatever the reason, I don't really know. But the film will be in theaters on Oct. 16 -- just over a year after its original release date.

A 3-minute trailer scored to Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" will debut when Monsters Vs. Aliens hits theaters on March 27. 

I did some snooping to see if there might be signs of this 3-minute trailer on the interweb. No such luck. I did find a 1:40 clip of the movie on Worst Previews though. 

It's nice to see that this movie is finally coming along. 

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