Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are you a Skirt or a Suit?

While most shows have already had their season finales back in May, AMC's critically acclaimed and award-winning show Mad Men returns for their fourth season on Sunday, July 25.

The Mad Men Yourself avatar creator has been updated with all sorts of new goodies for the upcoming season.

Remember that BB gun Betty used on her neighbor's pigeons after he threatened to shoot the family dog? You can add that to your avatar now! Joan's accordion? Yep, that too. Hell, you can start wearing a fez now too (actually, that's only for "Suits" ... and I don't even know if that's new because I never looked at the men's avatar maker before the update. Sorry!). Anywho, more clothes, more accessories, more drinks, more fun!

Here's my new avatar up above. Quite appropriate for summer, wouldnt' you agree?

Once again, the fourth season begins on Sunday, July 25 @ 10 p.m. and the Mad Men Barbie dolls (which I blogged about in March) will be available this month as well. You can pre-order Joan, Roger, and the Drapers on Barbie Collector.

[photo courtesy of AMC]

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