Sunday, July 11, 2010

I frequent Tumblr quite often (one of many reasons why I have neglected this blog for so long), and this particular image has popped up a few times.

Geeky fashionistas of the world, how 'effing amazing are these shoes? Answer: VERY amazing! Problem is, I have no idea where to obtain them, what shoe brand they are, or if they were a DIY creation from a very crafty individual. I don't even know who to give photo credit to. x__x

Of course I tried Google, but alas. No results.

So ladies, I'm sorry, but we're just going to have to sit and drool. Or unless you have any knowledge on these pumps, do share! I know I'm supposed to be telling you guys where you can snatch awesome things such as these shoes, but just this once I don't know!

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