Monday, August 8, 2011

BR's Got Mad Style

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I know Mad Men is already going to be in its 5th season, but I'm just over the halfway point of season one (thank you Netflix!). It's been one of those shows that I've been meaning to watch but just never got around to it. Yes, I know... FAIL! I am totally hooked on the show now - I especially love the midcentury decor and their clothes are amazing! That era just had so much style.

And speaking of which, I was pretty excited last week when I received some mail from Banana Republic introducing their Mad Men Collection. It's not really new news, but I really like some of the pieces they've put together, i.e. the Betty inspired 'Betty' Dress ($150) for women and the Pete inspired Shawl Collar Cardigan ($150) for men (even though I don't really like either character).

[image scanned by Goob Tube]

[image scanned by Goob Tube]

To celebrate the launch of the new line, Banana Republic is throwing a cocktail party on Thursday, August 11th at various stores across the US, as well as Puerto Rico. Shoppers will be able to browse through the new collection while enjoying complimentary cocktails - sorry, I'm pretty sure no smoking allowed. There are even exclusive gifts for cardmembers with purchase at select stores. For a full list of participating stores, take a look at Banana Republic.

And just a heads up... For all you BananaCard Luxe holders, you can enjoy an extra 25% off your purchase every time you use your card from August 11-21.

Happy shopping everyone! Until next time...

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