Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mary-who? in Wonderland

[photo courtesy of SLG Comics/Disney]

In Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the White Rabbit mistook Alice for someone named Maryann. Eighty-six years later, Disney posed the same misunderstanding in it's animated 1951 film adaptation. 

Here's the bit from the movie with the Maryann shenanigans . . .

So who the hell is this Maryann person?

Tommy Kovac unveiled the mystery girl as the White Rabbit's house maid in SLG Publishing & Disney's 6 issue Wonderland comic series, illustrated by Sonny Leiw.

Wonderland takes off where the Disney movie ended -- a Wonderland post Alice in which all it's citizens are obsessed with the "Alice Monster" who's turned their world into an even more topsy-turvy place. The Queen of Hearts is still as pissed as a Jabberwocky and believes the White Rabbit was in cahoots with Alice to take her down. With the Queen's army of cards out to get the Rabbit for treason, Maryann must help save her fluffy-bottomed master for she knows he's innocent. Along the way, more mayhem and curiousities* occur. Wee!

The series finished up last year, but Disney Press recently compiled them into a hardcover graphic novel. Callooh! Callay! How convenient. 

Your's to covet on March 17 (pre-order on Amazon, it's only $13.59).

* I know that's not a real word, nor does it make sense. That's how they roll in Wonderland anyway.

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