Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mr. Toast & Tweedlebop take on Monkeyhouse Toys

I mingled with artists Dan Goodsell, creator of Mr. Toast, and Michael Fleming for a bit at WonderCon several weeks ago. Like their artwork, both guys were pretty damn awesome and I even got to geek out about Watchmen with Goodsell. He's still trying to work on  turning one of his characters into Ozymandias (referring to this post). :)

Today, March 14, the two will be having a show together in Silverlake, Ca at Monkeyhouse Toys that runs till the 29th.

Can't make? S'all good. I'm in the Bay Area so I can't either. Goodsell's got some pictures from the show up on his Flickr though, so take a peek.

WonderCon 2009 - 02.27
Dan Goodsell holding his Mr. Toast plush at WonderCon

WonderCon 2009 - 02.27
Michael Fleming at his booth at WonderCon. It was his first year there.

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